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to Generate More Conversions, Revenue, and Customer Engagement
On average, after running through these 4 steps, accounts see an immediate 15–20% increase in inbox placement and a long-term increase of up to 50% for all engagement and conversion metrics.
This 4-step guide is the first thing we look at with all new accounts when onboarding them with Top Car Dealer Marketing and now we share it with you✌.
Discover these 4-steps in deep and how you can improve them.
  • DELIVERABILITY - The Deliverability tells you what percentage of emails sent actually make it to the inbox
  • OPEN RATE -  The Open Rate tells you how likely people are to READ your email 
  • CLICK-THROUGH RATE - The Click-through Rate tells you how likely your audience is to ENGAGE with your email
  • ​DISENGAGEMENT - The Disengagement Rate tells you how likely people are to HATE your email.
Nothing happens until…
… your email gets opened.
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3 Reasons Why You Need Improve Your Email Marketing 

You can get
up to 3,800% ROI
For every $1 spent, $38.00 is the average return on email marketing investment
Source: Exact Target
increases retention.
A 5% increase in retention yields profit increases of 25 to 100 percent. Repeat customers spend, on average, 67 percent more than new customers.
Source: Exact Target
Email is better for customer acquisition
E-mail remains a significantly more effective way to acquire customers than social media—nearly 40 times that of Facebook and Twitter combined
Source: Mckinsey.com
Your email list is the single biggest asset your business owns! It took you time, sweat, and money to get those subscribers to say YES to you. Don't let all that go to waste.
You need a plan that ensures that you are building a strong relationship with your subscribers...

Introducing The


Your Personal Guide of Metrcis To Get More Perfomance from Your Email List

The Ultimate Email Marketing Guide for car Dealers

This Means You Can...

  • Keep your email list hot, active, and engaged. 
  • Consistently send quality emails 
  • Add value to people's lives and impact others.
  • ​Build trust and nurture your subscribers.
  • ​Establish yourself as a credible expert.
  • ​Cultivate a tribe who want YOU to solve their issues.
  • ​Send strategic emails that primes subscribers to buy.
  • ​Make more money from serving your subscribers.
  • ​Maximize the income potential of your email list.
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